Welcome to Rattle Medicine.

Iā€™m Pam and I have enjoyed living in Oakland for over 35 years. I love the vibrant, diverse, and accepting community the Bay offers. Living here allows me to pursue my passions for hiking, camping and kayaking. I have a great 22 year old son Jordan, a 15 year old cat named Pretzel, and silver hair.

For the past 30 years, I have been a massage therapist working with seniors and those in need of special care. That has led me to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a Home Healthcare Aide and most recently a "Death Midwife" and Home Funeral Guide.  

One day, at a yard sale, I found a spectacular old nozzle for a garden hose. As I picked it up, a voice inside my head said "I can make a rattle out of this". The idea was born with unlimited possibilities!  

I love searching for unusual objects to repurpose and transform into rattles for music, ceremony, gifts or whimsy.  

While working with each rattle I consider each of these questions:
What is their medicine?
What are they saying and how can they heal?
Can they put smiles on faces? Or warm a heart?

Each rattle has its own medicine waiting to be discovered.
Which one calls to you? Which speaks your name?
Which sound touches you inside? A quiet subtle sound or one whose presence is bold and commanding?

My life has taken many turns on a winding road through hills and valleys. Now I have opened my life to this journey because it fills me with satisfaction and joy. My hands have always done healing work and now, with an artistic flare, they are making these gems for you.